Trashed Truck


Here is another image that I captured at yesterday’s outing at Star Iron & Metal on the West side of Atlanta. I’m happy with the image but I had to take a different path than I had planned in order to get there:

Trashed Truck


This old Dodge truck has definitely seen better days. It was sitting in a shaded portion of the property, surrounded by lots of other junk, slowly crumbling away. When I saw the truck I knew I wanted to capture a bracketed image since there was a lot of shadows and highlights. I set up my now “Super T3i” (more on that here pretty soon) to fire off some brackets, and figured everything was A-OK to do a nice HDR shot.

When I started to post-process the images this morning though, I noticed that there was too much softness in the images that were shot at longer shutter speeds. I think that came about because, even though I had the camera on the tripod I think it was sitting on some slightly flexible piece of wood or metal that was hidden under the leaves. The result was that I had to throw out everything over +1 exposure value. So, instead of using HDR Efex Pro 2 to tone-map the images I dropped the remaining images into the Enfuse Lightroom plugin.

The “enfused” image looked pretty good with some detail being pulled out of the shadows. I decided to go a little “artsy” with this image so I opened up Color Efex and played around with a few filters to see if I could get the truck to look a little grungy without going over the top too much.

I guess the lesson I learned with this image is that there are always multiple ways to get to a final image and that you need to remain flexible and do the best you can with what you have.


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