Friday Photo Share For September 23, 2011


This week’s Friday Photo Share is just going to be from little ‘ol me :-) I didn’t receive any entries for this week. Hopefully as more and more people discover this blog we’ll get some entries. Until then I’ll keep sharing some of the images I have taken.

Since today is the 1st day of Fall I thought I’d share a photo I took that is “fall-like”. Here it is:

Leaf In The Forest

Leaf In The Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington

I took this photo while walking through the forest in Olympic National Park, back in September 2001. I liked the contrast between the brown leaf and the green moss. If you ever get the chance to visit this wonderful National Park, don’t pass up the opportunity!

That’s it for this week. I’m hoping to get some more submissions for next weeks Friday Photo Share which will have the theme of “bring your own”. Just submit any picture that you like, along with a short description. Email them to me at fridayphoto [at] marksphotographyspot [dot] com  You can send a file (as long as it’s been reduced to no more than 600 pixels wide) or you can send a link to your photo on Flickr, or another photo-sharing site. Please keep the images family friendly. Submit them by next Wednesday, September 28th.

Seascape Photograph: Washington State Coastline, September 2001

As I am going through old images on my computer I find some decent ones every once in a while. I’ll post them as I have time to.

Here is a seascape photograph  from our trip to Seattle, and the Washington state coast back in September, 2001.

Washington State Coastline in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park Beach, Washington State, September 2001

I took this photograph later in the day (as you can see by the sunlight coming in from the lower left). The sky was clear and fairly blue. Most of our time along the coast was cloudy, so this was nice to get some blue sky that one afternoon.

This image was pretty good right out of the Olympus c-3000z camera but I felt it could be better. I posted the original on my  “photo critique” circle on Google+ last week and got some good feedback. Based on that, I cropped out some of the sky, brightened it up a bit and adjusted the shadow definition. What you see above is the end result. I wish I had a few more pixels to spare on this image but it should still look pretty good up to about a 10×15 inch print.


Sunset Over Puget Sound

Here is a picture of a sunset over Puget Sound from our 2001 trip to Seattle and Olympic National Park. This is yet another image that I “found” while going through my old digital files on the computer. I took this photo around 9:40 PM on September 2nd, 2001. This was the 1st night we were in Seattle to start a week’s long vacation in the area.

I believe I took this from a dock North of downtown after we had a delicious dinner. The colors were fantastic and the clouds made it even better. I took this with the little Olympus c-3000 zoom, a 3.1 megapixel camera with some pretty good specs for its day.

I posted this picture on Google+ (you can follow me there if you want) and got a request to make the photo available as a download to be used for computer desktop wallpaper. Well, I’ve gone beyond that, and have made the image, along with many others that I’ll post here, available for purchase OR download. How’s that for customer service? :-)

All you need to do is click on the buttons at the bottom of the photos to either “Buy Print (in various sizes depending on the image)”, “Buy Card (greeting or postcards)”, “Download (for wallpaper or other use)”, “Share (to let others know about the photo)” or “eCard (to send an ecard with the image on it)”. The prints, downloads and cards are priced very fairly and the eCard and Share options are free.

Sunset Over Puget Sound

Sunset Over Puget Sound, September 2001