Project 365 Day 271-Mega Extreme Building


Wow, I’ve made it to day 271 of my project 365! Today was a busy day at work but I had time to shoot a quick image while driving back to the office from a lunch meeting in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.

Day 271-Mega Extreme Building

I call it “Mega Extreme Building” for a couple of reasons. Reason one is that I like the look of the building but I like it even better when I tilted the image a bit. The second reason is because I applied a developing preset to the image in Lightroom called “Mega Extreme-Don’t Click It”. The preset is from Trey Ratcliff and can be found on his blog, Stuck In I bought the preset packabout a month ago and have been exploring and enjoying them ever since. If you are looking for some creative Lightroom presets, I recommend you check them out.

Happy Shooting!

Reader Poll-Which Sunrise Photograph Is The Best

I’m working through the images from our trip and starting to really dig into/play with  all the various post-processing options that are available to me (of which there seems to be an endless amount). I started working on another image from our visit to the Bisti Badlands, a shot taken a few minutes after sunrise. I started playing around with the image and before I knew it I had 3 different versions of the image, all done using a different technique. I generally like all 3 results but in a different way for each. So many choices and options!…….

This brings me to a question, and I thought I’d ask all of you (or at least the 3 of you that read this)  :-) , which sunrise photograph do you like the best, number 1, 2 or 3? I have a favorite but I’m interested in seeing what Y’all think. If you could leave a comment with your choice (and why you like it, if you want). I think your feedback and input would be very helpful to me as I start to “develop” my post-processing routine. Don’t be shy about why you like or dislike an image, I want to hear your honest opinion. All the input will help me improve and that’s what I want to do.

I’ll tally up the responses and reveal the “crowd favorite” in a few days and then let you know how each image was processed. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Here are each of the images, in no particular order (You can click on the image to view a larger version):

Sunrise Photo #1

Here’s #2

Sunrise Photo #2

And here’s #3

Sunrise Photo #3

Thanks for your feedback and for participating!

HDR Software Review Part One-Enfuse Lightroom Plugin

Welcome to part one of my series of reviews of HDR software. If you want to read more about why (and how) I’ll be doing these, you can read My Introductory Post.

I’ll start my reviews by taking a look at the product closest to the top of the alphabet, the Enfuse Lightroom Plugin. The plugin is based on the open source Enfuse application, which was tweaked to fit into a Lightroom Plugin format. Technically, the Enfuse application isn’t a true HDR application (because it doesn’t generate a tonemapped image) but it does offer the ability to blend multiple exposures in order to get a wider dynamic range. I decided to add this to my list because I have heard that many people like Enfuse because it yields a very natural looking final product. If you want to “amp” things up a bit you can always do further editing in something like Topaz Adjust or any number of other applications.

Before I dig into the review I want to let you know that I decided to change things up a bit regarding the sample images I’ll use to run through the various applications. Instead of my driveway shot, I’m adding a set of shots from my parking lot at work that I took with my little Canon S95. The S95 produces RAW files of around 10mb each, so they are smaller than the files from my T3i. I’m also adding a series of 7 images from RC Conception, a popular photographer/Photoshop expert that you can follow on Google +. He uploaded some RAW files (I’m using seven of the nine) from a nighttime shot of San Francisco(you can view/download them here) and asked people to process them on their own to see what they could get. I think it will be a good test of the various applications, especially in seeing how long it takes to render the image. Also, RC uses a Nikon so this way I can’t be accused of bias towards Canon :-) So, here are the two image sets I’ll be using (I’ll just show the San Francisco image after merging):

Set 1-The Fire Truck

2-Stops Under-Exposed

Properly Exposed

2-Stops Over-Exposed

Set 2-The Parking Lot

2-Stops Under-Exposed

Properly Exposed

2-Stops Over-Exposed

Ok, back to the LR/Enfuse Plugin review:

The LR/Enfuse Plugin will only work with Lightroom. If you use some other image management software you can try and use the regular Enfuse Open Source application.

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin into Lightroom, you use it just like you would any plugin. Select the images you want to “Enfuse”, then go under File-Plugin Extras-Blend Exposures Using LR/Enfuse:

After you click that selection you will be presented with a window that has four tabs on it. The first tab is “Configuration”:

This tab is where you select the configuration of Enfuse’s processing and preview options. I pretty much have left them in their default state. Next,you click on tab two, the “Auto Align” tab:

This tab is pretty self-explanatory. The plugin has an auto-align feature. I don’t think I’ll be using the feature much as I plan on shooting as many bracketed shots as possible on a tripod. For the reviews though I will test the speed of the application with the “auto-align” box checked and un-checked. Onto the third tab. Tab 3 is the “Enfuse” tab, click it:

This is where you assign the relative importance of three components, Exposure, Saturation and Contrast. As the text in this tab says, Exposure should get the most weight for exposure blending while Contrast should get the highest weight for focus blending. I left everything here on their default settings. Click the 4th tab, which is where you will tell Enfuse where/how to output you files:

As you can see, I chose to add the enfused image (as a TIFF) to the same folder as the originals but with “_Enfuse” appended to the file name. I also reimport the image into lightroom with all of the metadata.

After you have gone through the tabs once, they stay the same for future uses, or you can change options if you want.

Now, all you need to do is click the “Enfuse Images”  button (on the lower right), and wait… Here’s how long it took:

  • fire truck set w/align images checked- 3 minutes
  • fire truck set w/align images unchecked- 52 seconds (MUCH,MUCH faster, which proves you should use a tripod whenever possible!)
  • parking lot w/align checked- 2 minutes, 10 seconds
  • parking lot w/align images unchecked-26 seconds (once again much faster)
  • San Francisco (7 images) w/align checked- A LONG Time (over 4 minutes)
  • San Francisco (7 images) w/align unchecked- 53 seconds

The Results

Let’s see how the “Enfused” images turned out. In all cases I’ll be comparing the “properly exposed” image (shown 1st-the one without any exposure compensation) to the initial output image from the software.

Fire truck:

Analysis:The image produced by the LR/Enfuse plugin has picked up more detail just about everywhere. The roof of the shed shows more detail, the grill of the truck reveals more of the engine and the bottom of the truck shows more detail in the front suspension. Color reproduction compared to the original seems very good and nothing seems washed out.

Parking Lot:

Analysis: The biggest difference I see is that the sky has more detail. The clouds are more distinct and the sky has quite a bit more blue to it. The shadows are still there but you can see deeper into them. The “sunstar” on the black truck still sparkles although the color of the flowers seems a little less saturated. Overall though, it is a nice improvement.

San Francisco:

Analysis: Enfuse did a good job with the city at night. The detail on the roofs of the buildings is much more visible. The sky lightened up a bit, revealing some of the sky-glow that was missing. All in all, the city looks more alive in the Enfused image and I think a better representation of what you would really see if you were standing on this rooftop.


As I said in the beginning of this, the LR/Enfuse Plugin isn’t true HDR software. Rather, it blends multiple exposures together, taking the “best pixels” from each exposure (based on the weightings you assign to exposure, saturation and contrast). There is no HDR tone-mapped image created but the end result is often just as, sometimes more, pleasing than an HDR application produces, especially if you are looking for a more natural result.

Based on the test images I used here as well as some other bracketed photos I’ve played around with, I am very happy with LR/Enfuse. It does what it’s supposed to do very well, without a lot of fuss or excess complication. True there aren’t many options for additional editing in the plugin. For that you’ll have to use an outside Post-Processing software like Photoshop, Topaz Adjust (which I use) or any of a number of others. Here’s a quick image I made in Topaz Adjust from the Enfused image:


All I did was increase the detail and saturation a bit using one of the many presets that Topaz Adjust has. It’s nothing spectacular but it is definitely different than the Enfused image.

In short, the LR/Enfuse plugin positives are:

  1. Is a great way to blend multiple image quickly and easily without having to fiddle around with a bunch of presets.
  2. Provides a well-balanced, natural looking output.
  3. Blends fairly seamlessly into the Lightroom workflow.
  4. Is very affordable. Since It’s “donationware” you can purchase the full, unlocked version for a reasonable price.
Some possible negatives are:
  1. It isn’t a true HDR/tone-mapping application.
  2. You will need to do additional post-processing in another application if you want to tweak the Enfused image to anything beyond a natural looking result.
  3. The speed of the plugin is reduced considerably when the “align images” box is checked so use your tripod!
  4. There is no ability to reduce any ghosting (people moving, etc.)
I can tell you right now that I will definitely continue to use the LR/Enfuse plugin as part of my workflow. The ease of use, natural looking results, and low price is hard to beat and the results are very good.

The LR/Enfuse Plugin is a keeper!


Project 365 Update, Recent Photo Adventures And Another Contest

For those of you that might have noticed, I’ve been a little lax in posting here for the last couple of weeks. That’s because we’ve been busy with work (a necessary, though mostly enjoyable, thing), a short vacation (always fun), and photography (more fun). I wanted to give you a quick update on things I’m working on (including a contest!), so read on!:

A couple of weeks ago we took a long weekend trip down to Ponte Vedra Beach Florida where we met some friends, ate lots of seafood, watched some golf, tried (and failed miserably :-) ) to body-surf, and took lots of photos. I’ve posted a few images from the trip on my Flickr Photostream  but I have some more that I am working on that I plan on posting.

Just this past weekend, Pam and I took a trip East of Atlanta with one of the photography groups we belong to, the Decatur Digital Meetup group. We started off in the small town of Crawfordville, GA then worked our way back towards Atlanta stopping in Greensboro, Buckhead, Rutledge, and Social Circle, taking photos along the way. It was a fun day and we got some good images that I’m working through. I’ll post some of those as well. Look for them later this week. In the meantime, here is one image I took while in Florida:

Sunrise Over Ponte Vedra

I woke up early on Friday to see if I could catch a good beach sunrise photograph. The sun was just coming up over the horizon as I got the camera setup on the beach. This image was taken about 1 minute after the “official” sunrise time.

Project 365 Update

I am still going strong with my project 365 for 2012. I haven’t missed a day yet and I’m past day 140.

I think I will stop posting every image I take for the project and instead let all of you view the images on my Flickr account in the Project 365 Set, or on my photo gallery page that’s linked to this site. If any of the images you see interest or inspire you enough to want to purchase them, you can order affordable priced prints from my photo gallery. Just click on the image you’re interested in and go from there. If you see something on Flickr that interests me, let me know and I’ll make sure you can purchase whatever you want.

Upcoming Posts

I’m hoping to get a couple of photography related reviews posted soon, including the Canon 15-85mm lens and Adobe Lightroom 4. I’m also beginning the process of looking at HDR software so look for something related to that in the next few weeks.

Another Contest

It’s been a while but I think it’s time to have another contest/giveaway :-) This time I think it will be related to building subscribers to the blog. I’m still noodling through the details but be assured that it will include some type of fantastic prize! Stay tuned for more information.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for the support and I’d love to hear from any of you about anything photography related.


Project 365 Update Day 68 to Day 80

Yes, I’m still alive, just extremely busy. Between work, life and spending time demoing the new Adobe Lightroom 4 (which I’ll post more about here very soon), I’ve been lax in posting to this blog. Well, time to catchup a bit. Here are the last 10 days or so of my project 365 images from newest to oldest. I should be back on track with more regular posting here very soon.

Day 80-Backyard Azaleas in Bloom

Day 80-Backyard Azaleas in Bloom

Day 79-Snorting Pollen

Day 79-Snorting Pollen

Day 78-Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Day 78-Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Day 77-Mourning Dove

Day 77-Mourning Dove

Day 76-Spring Colors

Day 76-Spring Colors

Day 75-Time For A New Refrigerator?:

Day 75-Time For A New Refrigerator?

Day 74-Red Azalea Bloom:

Day 74-Red Azalea

Day 73-White Azalea Bloom:

Day 73-White Azalea

Day 72-Avocado and Shadow:

Day 72-Avocado and Shadow

Day 71-Is Lightroom 4 The Answer:

Day 71-Is Lightroom 4 The Answer

Day 70-Sushi Lunch:

Day 70-Sushi Lunch

Day 69-The Circle of Life:

Day 69-The Circle of Life

Day 68-Ginger Snaps:

Day 68-Ginger Snaps