Fried Cheese


Here’s a super-tasty snack that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites:

Fried Cheese

Mmmm…fried cheese. Just saying that makes me smile :-)

It’s not just any fried cheese though. Instead of being fried in some tasteltess, industrial-processed “frankenoil” we use all natural coconut oil and boy does it make a difference! The cheese comes out crispy, sweet, tangy and with a hint of coconut. We usually take about 1-2 oz of shredded cheese (typically a “mexican” blend) and fry it up in the coconut oil for about 2 minutes a side on medium heat. I flip the cheese as soon as it starts to turn a toasty brown. Pair it up with a nice Brown Ale and you have yourself a real taste treat!

Try it sometime and thank me later :-)

Project 365 Day 4-Say Cheese

For Day 4 of my Project 365 I thought I would take a really cheesy photograph:

Day 4-Say Cheese

Day 4-Say Cheese

One of the things that I’m going to have to get over if I have any hope of finishing this Project 365 is the feeling of being looked at strange when I take out my camera and start shooting images of things that the typical non-photographer would consider “weird”. Taking photographs of stuff in a grocery store might be one of those places.

I was out at lunch running some errands and found myself at the local Publix Supermarket. I had my Canon PowerShot S95 with me and was looking for something fairly quick to shoot. I came along the cheese aisle and I figured it would be as good a place as any to try. I took the camera out of my pocket, wandered up to the cheese and did my best to compose a shot that would make use of the shelves. People were kind of staring at me but I soldiered on, taking a few seconds to line up things and adjust the ISO and focal length before clicking the shutter button.

When I got done I turned around to pick up my basket and continue shopping I noticed 3 people patiently waiting behind me, not wanting to disturb me (or maybe they were just freaked out a little :-) ).