Reader Poll-Which Sunrise Photograph Is The Best


I’m working through the images from our trip and starting to really dig into/play with  all the various post-processing options that are available to me (of which there seems to be an endless amount). I started working on another image from our visit to the Bisti Badlands, a shot taken a few minutes after sunrise. I started playing around with the image and before I knew it I had 3 different versions of the image, all done using a different technique. I generally like all 3 results but in a different way for each. So many choices and options!…….

This brings me to a question, and I thought I’d ask all of you (or at least the 3 of you that read this)  :-) , which sunrise photograph do you like the best, number 1, 2 or 3? I have a favorite but I’m interested in seeing what Y’all think. If you could leave a comment with your choice (and why you like it, if you want). I think your feedback and input would be very helpful to me as I start to “develop” my post-processing routine. Don’t be shy about why you like or dislike an image, I want to hear your honest opinion. All the input will help me improve and that’s what I want to do.

I’ll tally up the responses and reveal the “crowd favorite” in a few days and then let you know how each image was processed. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Here are each of the images, in no particular order (You can click on the image to view a larger version):

Sunrise Photo #1

Here’s #2

Sunrise Photo #2

And here’s #3

Sunrise Photo #3

Thanks for your feedback and for participating!

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  1. says

    Sunrise appears to be a misnomer for all three. I see nothing among them that defines one as a sunrise. Setting that aside, my preference is #1. #1 offers texture & atmosphere. This appears to be a desert scene, and #1 offers a sense of moisture and coolness in the air that is commonly found in the desert at dawn. There’s also a grit to the scenic floor that provides the definition of place. #1 lastly has that sense of sleepy awakening (before sunrise), the rare freshness one experiences at this time of day that evaporates all too soon in the heat of light.

    • Mark says

      Hi Eric,

      Sunrise that day was at 6:48 AM and the images were taken at 6:54 so it was a few minutes past sunrise but the sun wasn’t yet over the horizon. But, I do see you point.

      It was definitely a desert scene so your description of what you like about #1 is very fitting.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and input. Stay tuned because I’ll reveal the “winner in a couple of days as well as how each one was processed.

      • says

        Hello Mark,

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        Geordie Gardiner

        I like the 2nd photograph to me it looked more real

        If I can find how to post photographs he I will post one here

  2. Mary says

    My preference is #3. The overall exposure looks better. I’m surprised that in the first one the sky is darker and the foreground is lighter and reversed in #2. Filter or post-processing? I’m curious – how did you process each of them?

    • Mark says

      Thanks for your vote Mary!

      Yes, I did post-process each one a little differently and I’ll reveal which one was done which way in a couple of days once I have a few more “votes”.

      Stay tuned!

    • Mark says

      Hi Holly,

      No photography knowledge needed! Whatever catches your eye is all that matters.

      Thanks for your vote/feedback!

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