Project 365 Day 271-Mega Extreme Building


Wow, I’ve made it to day 271 of my project 365! Today was a busy day at work but I had time to shoot a quick image while driving back to the office from a lunch meeting in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.

Day 271-Mega Extreme Building

I call it “Mega Extreme Building” for a couple of reasons. Reason one is that I like the look of the building but I like it even better when I tilted the image a bit. The second reason is because I applied a developing preset to the image in Lightroom called “Mega Extreme-Don’t Click It”. The preset is from Trey Ratcliff and can be found on his blog, Stuck In I bought the preset packabout a month ago and have been exploring and enjoying them ever since. If you are looking for some creative Lightroom presets, I recommend you check them out.

Happy Shooting!

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