Ice Photography- Frozen Holly Berries


Living here in the South I don’t get too many opportunities to practice my ice photography skills. Well, today was the second “major” winter storm here in Atlanta/Georgia in just two weeks. This is a pretty rare occurrence for us. As a result, our office was closed and we all telecommuted as we watched the freezing rain/sleet/snow fall. The upside to this was that the ice made for some interesting ice photography opportunities.

I stepped out into the driveway during my lunch break with the goal of getting some shots of the ice on one of our Holly bushes. This was one instance that I wished I had the Tamron 90mm Macro Lens but I haven’t purchased it (yet). So I used my 15-85mm lens on full zoom and tried to get the best shot possible of the few “frozen berries” that were on the bush. Here’s the best result I got out of about 15 images:


Berries On Ice

Holly berries after a rare ice storm here in Georgia

Focusing on the small berries was a challenge, especially since there was a fair amount of wind. I wanted to get closer to the berries but the 15-85mm doesn’t allow super-close focusing distance. Even with that, I was able to capture some of the crystal-like detail in the frozen droplet.

July 18 Photo Share and Discussion

Last night, I hosted the July 18th edition of the “Photo Share and Discussion” on Google + Hangouts:


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I am also working on a film-related project that I hope to be ready to reveal in the next week or two. So dust off those old film cameras and stay tuned for more details :-)

Friday Photo Share For January 11

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Red Maple Leaves

We took a long weekend trip to Pittsburgh to visit family. We had a great time. The leaves were approaching full color and I got a few good images of them. Here’s one that I took in the front yard of my parent’s house:

Day 285-Red Maple Leaves On Grass

The afternoon sun was highlighting the beautiful red color of the leaves as they sat on the grass.

The trees here in Georgia are starting to change so I hope to get out and get some nice images of them in the next few weeks.

Project 365 Day 282-Courtyard Tree In Black And White

Today was a busy day at work. As I was heading out of the office I figured I better find something to take a photo of for my project 365. It was kind of a cool, gray day her in Atlanta so I was thinking about shooting something that would look good in black and white. That’s how I came to photograph the tree in our office building courtyard. It looked better to my eye in B&W than color. Here’s the result:

Day 282-Courtyard Tree In Black And White

I ran the image through Silver Efex pro and once again I was very impressed with the results. I think it’s getting easier for me to “see” in black and white and I’m looking forward to it.